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    The Day of "El Calderillo"

The Day of "El Calderillo"

The calderillo is a simple popular stew, typical of the city and province of Béjar. Among its ingredients, the most important are veal meat, potatoes and vegetables, all of them simmered with the essential touch of patience and skill.

In August, taking advantage of the holiday period, the City Council of Béjar celebrates a gastronomic contest, called  the Day of El Calderillo, a gastronomic festival that attracts local and visitors.

The journey starts very early, near the ancient bull ring of El Castañar, a place of great beauty, where the participants, cooks and assistants, are ready with all the material to elaborate the above mentioned dish. An expert jury chooses the winner and the party finishes with a popular tasting under the shadows of chestnut trees.

A nice celebration day, when nature and gastronomy go together to celebrate the cultural tradition of this region. Apart from this celebration date, the restaurants in the city offer in their menus this tasty dish during the whole year.

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