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  • Ducal Palace of Béjar
    Ducal Palace of Béjar

Ducal Palace of Béjar

The Ducal Palace of Béjar, or Palace of the Duchesses of Béjar, was built in the 16th century on the remains of the Arab alcazaba, commissioned by the Zuñiga Family.

The outer façade, which faces the Main Square, has two cylindrical fortified towers and some towers. Inside the castle, there is an irregular arcaded patio on the two floors, where we can see the coat of arms of the Castle Owners.

The building has also a magnificent staircase, decorated with an arcaded as well, and an impressive fountain called, due to its decoration, the Venera.

Along the history, the building has had many changes, according to the different ways it was used, although it has always kept this palace elegance and austerity. Nowadays, it houses the Secondary School of Ramon Olleros.

A dark chamber has been installed in one of the fortified towers, which makes it become even a more interesting visit.

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