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The weather, the ground and the passion of the wine producers and winemakers have contributed to make Salamanca keep two types of wines which have the prestigious DO (Designation of Origin) label: Las Arribes del Duero and Sierra de Salamanca. They are unique wines, ideal to be drunk with a great variety of traditional dishes of this province.

Museum of wine and distillates, in Villarino de los Aires

The visit is developed in two places, a museum and a traditional cellar. The museum is located in an old spirits distillery Some old machines are still kept and there are some interpretative and audiovisual panels.

Interpretative Tutorial of the wine of the Tierra del Vino and La Armuña (in Parada de Rubiales)

The Casa del Canónigo, which is a building built in the 18th century with its cellar, houses this modern centre devoted to the cultura of wine. The building was erected promoted by D.

Wine Sierra de Salamanca

The designation of origin “Sierra de Salamanca” is located in the south-east of the province, with a production surface of about 500 km2. This is the last Protected Designation of Origin registered in Spain and one of the smallest ones.

Wine of Las Arribes

The area of Las Arribes del Duero presents the ideal conditions for growing vineyards: Mediterranean weather in the hillsides and valleys, granite and slate soils, a Little bit sandy. On these soils, the local winemakers have been able to grow grapevines of a strong flavour.