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El Campo Charro

El Campo Charro

The Campo Charro

The holm oak meadows are the typical landscape in Salamanca. The fighting bull livestock is kept walking around these meadows. They are in the middle of the province, with important locations, such as La Fuente de San Esteban, Aldehuela de la Boveda, Matilla de los Caños del Rio, Vecinos or Tamames.

There are other places that invite the visitor to walk through these pastures, such as the hermitages. These are the places where the lively popular religious pilgrimages take place: Valdejimena Virgin Hermitage in Horcajo Medianero; Virgen del Cueto Hermitage in Matilla de los Caños or Cabrera Hermitage in Las Veguillas.

Not to be missed

The dehesa

Although the province of Salamanca offers a great variety of landscapes, snowy summits, sierras, valleys, canyons and plains, the dehesa is undoubtedly the most significant landscape; these are places full of holm oak trees and some oak trees which reach the horizon.

Interpretation Centre of the Dehesas of Salamanca

This centre shows the ecological values of this natural civilized landscape, which is wild and fruitful at the same time. There are didactic activities for children and young people as well as tutorial rooms for professionals; there is also a research area about the black truffle.

El Campo Charro and fighting bull

This is a sustainable model of exploitation and natural resources development. In this way, the development of the holm oak tree meadows and the fighting bull go together.


Iberian products of Salamanca. Certified quality

Iberian products of Salamanca mean quality. This Certification Mark, recognised in 2005, offers selected Iberian products of Salamanca, in particular steaks, chorizos, salchichones, cured hams and pork shoulders.

Charra Veal. The essence of the dehesa

The Charra Veal is under the Certification Mark of the same denomination that makes reference to fresh meat of beefs, born, bred and fatten in Salamanca.