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The orography of the province, the courses of the rivers, the forests, and the meadows as well as the mountain areas contribute to make Salamanca become the ideal place to practice different kinds of adventure sports.

Taking advantage of the features of the province, many private initiatives have appeared. They promote and develop different sports and adventure activities for children and adults, for beginners and experienced learners.

Besides, the province of Salamanca has some multi-adventure parks which are the ideal places to spend a funny enjoyable day with the family.

We have to point out that Salamanca is also the ideal place to practice the different types of canoeing thanks to its orography. In fact, the main part of the water in the territory of the province flows into the river Duero, whose main tributary is the Tormes, and also the Agueda, Alagon, Francia, or the Duero itself. A part of the south of the province is located in the area of the river Tajo, and the Alagon is the most important river.

It is possible to find some parts of some rivers where you can get in contact with their rough waters, especially in spring, during the thaw period. For example, the high Tormes in Puente Congosto or El Tejado, the river Agueda in the region of Ciudad Rodrigo or the Alagon in Sotoserrano.

Salamanca has also an array of places where you can practice sports in still waters, such as the Tormes, in its way through Salamanca, Cabrerizos, Aldealengua, Alba de Tormes, Huerta or the wonderful Arribes where the Agueda and Duero get together. You can also practice sports in the dams of the province, such as the dams of Santa Teresa, Aldeadavila or the small dam of Villagonzalo.

Sailing by canoe, you can get a different view of the environment from the one you get from the river banks, either in the upper course of the rivers, where the waters flow between rocks and narrows, or in the middle course, where the waters flow calmly and the banks are framed by forests. In these middle areas you can enjoy the willow plantations, which are watered straight away from the river water, the ash groves and elm groves, which are sometimes replaced by repopulation black poplars; these trees add a hint of fresh lively green which contrasts with the darker colours of the holm oaks or the Pyrenean oaks of the plains.

Horse riding is another option in a province that offers a long horse riding tradition. Ciudad Rodrigo, Aldeatejada, Horcajo Medianero, Vallejera de Riofrio, San Pedro del Valle, Huerta, Santa Marta de Tormes, Cabrerizos and Ledesma are only some of the municipalities which offer horse rides.

Vael Equipe Adventure Park

This Park, located in the heart of the Sierra de las Quilamas, has been designed as a genuine leisure alternative, offering activities especially designed for groups, such as schools, associations and other organizations.

Las Batuecas Tree Adventure Park

This adventure park tree is a new funny original way of visiting a forest.

San Felices de los Gallegos Multi-adventure Park

San Felices Multiadventure Park is a different active tourism proposal, located in the historical site of San Felices de los Gallegos, in the area of Las Arribes natural park.