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Religious Tourism

Religious Tourism

Religious Tourism

Religion has always been related to tradition, lifestyle and customs of the Salamancan villagers, hence many Salamancan monuments, festivities and other legacies are connected to religious beliefs.

The villages of the province preserve a unique heritage represented by their churches, cathedrals, monasteries and convents, as well as their festivities and traditions.

Cathedral Diocesan Museum

The richest and most complete museum in Ciudad Rodrigo is located in a stunning setting: the Cathedral.

Cathedrals of La Armuña

La Armuña are the territories north and east of the capital city, covered in cereal fields. The sight overlooks the whole horizon, which is solely interrupted by the silhouettes of the churches.

Monasteries and convents

Hidden in the Salamancan landscape, places of secret beauty are ideal locations for convents and monasteries. It is even possible to stay in some of them to make up for lost tranquillity.

Coffered ceilings and altarpieces

In many towns of the province of Salamanca, churches, chapels and convents maintain authentic artistic treasures. Simple and bare in the outside, the inside glitters thanks to two elements: the ceilings and the altarpieces.

Mudejar Route

If you visit the areas of Alba and Peñaranda, you will discover beautiful Mudejar churches. The Mudejar techniques were developed in these areas between the 12th and 13th centuries; this style was adapted to the Romanesque style, using the bricks as its identifying element.

Museum of the Carmelitas Descalzas Monastery

This 17th century convent, which grew up under the protection of the Condal House of Peñaranda, has a magnificent collection of religious art. There are masterpieces from the Italian School by Lucas Jordan, Andrea Vaccaro and Guido Reni.