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In Spring

Any season of the year is a nice time to visit and enjoy the province of Salamanca, although it is true that there are activities which, depending on the season and, therefore, the weather, may be more attractive.

Hiking when the power of nature explodes again

Spring, for example, is an ideal time to practise hiking in the province.

Natural Reserves which make the most of the flow of water

If it is worth a visit any time of the year to enjoy the different colours and shades of any season, spring is also a suitable moment to delight in one of the natural sites which waken the most interest in the province of Salamanca: El Pozo de los Humos, a waterfall between Pereña de la Ribera an

Spring Festivals, Romerias and Offerings

Spring is the time when the power of nature explodes again and the villages of the province celebrate it by means of their more traditional festivals, some of them of pagan origin, and others, ecclesiastic.

Sport in the open air

The days getting longer and the nice weather you can already enjoy in spring in Salamanca make this season a suitable time for adventure sports, such as canoeing,

La Charrada

For those who come to Ciudad Rodrigo at Easter, on Holy Saturday, a singular folk festival is celebrated. It was declared of regional tourist interest.


The rivers and tributaries which cross the province favour the formation of small lakes and building of reservoirs. Due to this fact, Salamanca is an ideal province to fish, especially salmonidae.