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In Summer

Summer in Salamanca is also the ideal season to enjoy the numerous and astonishing water landscapes hidden in the province, as well as the most original cultural festivals.

Sports in the open air

Adventure sports, fishing, and hiking and bike touring routes are other interesting activities to enjoy summer in Salamanca.

Plenty of festivals

Summer is also the season with the most popular festivals. Most of the villages of the province celebrate these months festivals in honour of their patron saints.

Cultural activities

During the summer season, also, the province of Salamanca offers interesting cultural activities such as Feria de Teatro of Castilla y León, held in Ciudad Rodrigo.

The grape harvest

And when this season is coming to an end, the grape harvest becomes the leading event. Not in vain, the province has two wines with denominations of origin: Arribes del Duero and Sierra de Salamanca.


The rivers and tributaries which cross the province favour the formation of small lakes and building of reservoirs. Due to this fact, Salamanca is an ideal province to fish, especially salmonidae.