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An amazing archaeological adventure is waiting for the visitor, from the hidden schematic paintings in Las Batuecas to the cave paintings in Siega Verde, declared World Heritage. We cannot forget the Roman culture, whose trace can be seen in the old gold mine of Las Cavenes, and the pre-Roman one, whose traces are the Veton fortified settlements in Yecla de Yeltes and Las Merchanas in Lumbrales.

Salamanca also houses some fossil remains which are 450 million years old, and can still be seen in Monsagro.

  • La ruta de las huellas fósiles: Un paseo por los mares antiguos de Monsagro.

    The fossil traces route of Monsagro

    Monsagro is on the river Agadon banks, in Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Natural Park; it is also part of the Biosphere Reserve of the Sierra de Bejar and Sierra de Francia and it is the place at t

  • Rock Paintings in Las Batuecas

    This is a deep remote valley 14 km from La Alberca, village which has been declared Historical Site, where we can find some remains of Neolithic settlements and traces of our ancestors.

  • Territorio Vetón

    2.500 years ago the Vetones, a pre-Roman village, found refuge in the uneven land of Las Arribes, an area in the province of Salamanca.

  • Las Cavenes

    This is the oldest gold mine dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries a.d.