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Salamanca is a place to lose yourself and your senses. A paradise to enjoy hefty and nutritious main courses such as Guijuelo cured ham, Iberian cold cuts, the traditional “hornazo” or the “farinato” from Ciudad Rodrigo; stews and hotpots with lentils from La Armuña, or chickpeas from Pedrosillo; second courses with Morucha or Charra veal, and desserts elaborated with cheeses from Las Arribes...and all washed down with wines from Arribes del Duero or from the nearest mountains. Come into this high quality pantry and enjoy the good food! Many of the most traditional products of Salamanca have Protected Designation of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication and Certification Mark.

The typical slaughter of pig in Guijuelo

In winter, when the weather becomes harsh, takes place one of the most rooted traditional rituals in Salamanca: the slaughter of pig. This event set the time of the familiar economy for years, as families and servants lived on this animal the whole year.

The Day of "El Calderillo"

The calderillo is a simple popular stew, typical of the city and province of Béjar. Among its ingredients, the most important are veal meat, potatoes and vegetables, all of them simmered with the essential touch of patience and skill.

The Cheese Fair

Hinojosa de Duero has been since years ago the home of the International Cheese Fair. This village has a rooted tradition in the elaboration of cheese Arribes, a product with Certification Mark.

Lunes de Aguas: To the countryside with the hornazo

Few festive traditions are so rooted in the population of Salamanca as Lunes de Aguas. Its celebration takes place on the next Monday to Easter, after Holy Week.

Conventual Pastry and Honey. Sweet temptations

This travel trough Salamanca can't finish without tasting any of the numerous recipes of the delicious conventual pastry.

Autumn Fruits

In autumn, fields show red, yellow and ochre colours, and the pastures cover again the large dehesas, where pigs go back because the acorn-feeding season starts.