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Cycle Turism

Cycle Turism

Cycle Turism

Another way of travelling around the province of Salamanca is by bike, thanks to the different existing routes which are properly signaled and are all together around 1.500 km long.

The centres are located in the municipalities of Aldeadávila de la Ribera, Bañobárez, Barruecopardo, Cristóbal de la Sierra, Hinojosa de Duero, Ledesma, Pereña de la Ribera, Saucelle y Sobradillo; besides, there is a tourism cycle path, called Bajo Tormes, and the GR 80 route, between Ciudad Rodrigo and the Portuguese municipality of Almeida.

There are more than 50 cycle paths for those ones who just want to enjoy a walk with some friends or family, or for the most self-demanding sportmen and sportwomen. The landscape keeps on changing at the same time the route runs through the mountain area, the quiet holm oak and cattle meadows and the amazing canyons of Las Arribes del Duero.

Thus, landscapes such as the Puente Mocho -near Ledesma-,thel Pozo de los Humos -between Pereña and Masueco de la Ribera-, the Merchanas fortified settlement –next to Lumbrales-, or the lookouts of La Code o El Picón de Felipe are nowadays available for those ones who enjoy cycling.

In order to promote this sport, in the year 2016, the Diputación de Salamanca organized the I Circuito Provincial de MTB, an initiative which is thought to keep on taking place in the future.

Bicycle routes through the Sierra de Béjar

The Sierra de Béjar, declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is also a good place to make a route by bicycle, especially for advanced cyclists and those ones who want to enjoy the amazing mountain views. These are some of the routes:

Green Lane Carbajosa de la Sagrada-Alba de Tormes

Apart from this wide net of MTB routes around the province of Salamanca, we have the Green Lane, betweent the municipalities of Carbajosa de la Sagrada (close to the capital city) and Alba de Tormes.

MTB routes of Bajo Tormes

More than 55 kilometres of properly signaled paths to be used with mountain bikes connect, in the middle of beautiful landscape, the five villages of the region of the Bajo Tormes: Almendra, Monleras, Villaseco de los Reyes, Sardón de los Frailes and El Manzano.

MTB Centre of Saucelle

The MTB Centre of Saucelle is the starting point of 7 mountain bike routes.

MTB Centre of Sobradillo

The MTB Centre of Sobradillo is the starting point of 5 routes. There are more than 100 kilometres of properly signaled paths which connect the village of Sobradillo with the neighbouring villages of San Felices de los Gallegos, Ahigal de los Aceiteros and La Redonda

MTB Centre of Pereña

The MTB Centre of Pereña is the starting point of 7 mountain bike routes. There are more than 120 kilometres of properly signaled paths which connect the village of Pereña with the neighbouring village of Villarino de los Aires.