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  • Bicycle routes through the Sierra de Béjar

Bicycle routes through the Sierra de Béjar

The Sierra de Béjar, declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is also a good place to make a route by bicycle, especially for advanced cyclists and those ones who want to enjoy the amazing mountain views. These are some of the routes:

Going up to La Covatilla Ski Resort

This route means going up to the ski pistes of La Covatilla, starting in Béjar, going through Los Pinos, Palomares, La Hoya, etc. The route is 35 Km long and the slope is almost 1.000m high. Middle physical level of difficulty. This route offers a Road Book.

Béjar – Arco de Caparra Ruins - Carcabosa through the Vía de la Plata

The main interest of doing this route is cycling along one of the most beautiful stretches of the Via de la Plata, visiting the ruins of the Roman city of Caparra. There are some remains of the Via de la Plata along the route, as well as picturesque interesting villages on both sides of the way.

The Garganta del Oso

Steep slope which leads to the top of the Garganta del Oso (1.850), crossing the Pinar and some small mountain streams. The length of the route is approximately 30 and the slope is 900 metres high. This route offers a Road Book.

Going up to the Peña Negra

In this route, you cross the hills of El Castañar, the Peña de la Cruz, Peña Negra and the Pinos, as well as the village of Candelario itself. It starts and finishes in the centre of Béjar. You enjoy an amazing environment, surrounded by nature and mountains and this makes you enjoy cycling a lot.

Crossing the Sierra

Crossing the Sierra de Béjar and Candelario is, undoubtedly, the most interesting route. It starts in Béjar, goes through Palomares, Navacarros and La Hoya. Once you get there, you can take the way to La Covatilla.

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