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  • An important festival: the typical wedding

An important festival: the typical wedding

The old traditional wedding is celebrated in the middle of this traditional scenery of the Sierra. 

On the second Sunday of August the groom´s godfather and godmother go to the groom´s house together with the bride´s “mozas” (bridesmaids). From there, all of them go to the bride´s house to sing some songs (“rondar”), and after singing, they walk towards the church. 

The priest welcomes them and marries them at the arcade of the church. After the ceremony, everybody congratulate the bride and the groom and there is a wedding reception in the bride´s house, The bride is given an orange and she gives the segments to her husband and the wedding guests. Then the “Talamo” takes place in one of the squares of the village. 

All the guests wear the traditional costume; the groom wears the “choricero” costume and the bride wears the “candelaria” one. The bride´s hairdo is very interesting; it is the typical “picaporte” bun.

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