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  • Textile Factories

Textile Factories

Bejar is very well known as a textile town due to its traditional connection with the clothing manufacture. Although it witnessed the greatest period of splendor, some industrial activity and the visit to the old factories keep the industrial spirit alive.

The location of Bejar, which is situated on the slopes of the mountains and near the Ruta de la Plata, was very important to expand the industry. . The water of the river Cuerpo de Hombre, which was restrained in dams, was useful to move sheave, gears and turbines.

The textile activity began in the 13th century and two centuries later there were small clothing manufacture centres in Bejar. The arrival of Flemish masters at the end of the 17th century meant a great stimulus, and the handicraft production turned into an industrial production.

Nowadays it is possible to bring back memories of that successful past by going through the route of the Textile Factories, which is indicated for that purpose. If you take a walk around the 4 km tour, you can get to know the old installations of very famous manufactures such as Garcia and Cascon, Hilaturas Bejar, La Industrial Bejarana or La Estambrera. The Textile Museum is also included in this tour.

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