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  • Jewish Museum David Melul
    Jewish Museum David Melul

Jewish Museum David Melul

An engineer from Melilla, David Melul, who was in love with the Town of Bejar, was the first benefactor and cultural promoter of this museum which tries to pay tribute to the Spanish Jews, called Sephardi Jews. 

It has three floors where the museum shows the history, culture and religion of the Sephardi Jew, the reasons and consequences of their expulsion in 1492, the life of the converted Jews and their relationship with the Inquisition and the Sephardi diaspora. It also includes a section devoted to the descendants of the Jews from Bejar, many of whom keep proudly their surname Bejar or Bejarano nowadays.

The museum has audiovisual resources, informative panels and some glass cabinets which keep interesting items related to the Jewish culture.

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