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  • Bullfighting Museum, Béjar

Bullfighting Museum, Béjar

In the setting of "El Castañar" only 2 km far from Béjar and closet o the Sanctuary o El Castañar, we can visit the oldest bullring in Spain, known as "La ancianita". In the main building, there is a box seat, the ticket offices, the health services and this museum.

In this museum we can see a great variety of ítems and tolos related to the Fiesta and the bulls. We can find different objects related to bull fighters who have been in this bull ring, such as Isidoro Pamo "el Salamanquinito” (from Bejar). 

Outside there is a bronze statue which has been erected as a tribute to another 19th century great bull fighter from Bejar Casas del Guijo, "el Salamanquino".

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