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MTB Centre of Sobradillo

The MTB Centre of Sobradillo is the starting point of 5 routes. There are more than 100 kilometres of properly signaled paths which connect the village of Sobradillo with the neighbouring villages of San Felices de los Gallegos, Ahigal de los Aceiteros and La Redonda

In the area around the village of Sobradillo, in the heart of the Arribes del Duero Natural Park, there is a privileged place: the rivers Águeda and Duero, with their deep gorges; they offer beautiful landscapes to the visitor; the granite has amazing shapes and you can enjoy the majestic vultures or Egytian vultures flying over the sky.

Castles, historic routes and nature get together to offer a complete and unforgettable visit. The cyclists can enjoy paths of different levels of technical difficulty.

It is a must to stop and visit the Casa del Parque in Sobradillo to see the natural resources of the Park, as well as to understand the history of a boundary village by means of its hermitages, the parish church, the pilgrims´ Hospital, the Jewish area, or the Fuente del Lugar, among other interesting places.

Some of the suggested routes cross San Felices de los Gallegos, a village declared Historical Site. Step by step the visitor can discover a medieval architectonic jewel, a Renaissance Palace, Veton remains

In the old part of the village, we can enjoy the amazing beauty of the Church of Nuestra Señora Entre dos Álamos, with Romanesque and Gothic façades, or the  Cerca Vieja, the Castle or the 18th century Fortification, which houses the History Tutorial of San Felices.

The area also hides archaeological jewels, such as the Veton fortified settlement of Castelmano, or the Puente de los Franceses, witness of the border wars..

San Felices also has the Museo del Cantero or the Lagar del Mudo, which are Interpretation Centres that are worth a visit..

In San Felices de los Gallegos, the fiesta El Noveno takes place on the second weekend of May. History and tradition are mixed in this festival and the fighting bull play an important role.

The routes of this MTB Centre take the cyclists to Ahigal de los Aceiteros. The slate streets are full of fig trees, and the hundred-years-old olive trees and almond trees make the countryside be full of colour in spring.  Ahigal is the only place in the region where you can visit an olive press where they make ecological olive oil.

La Redonda is another village which is crossed by these routes. It has several archaeological remains, dolmens such as the one in Pedazos de la Mata, Roman paths, funerary steles and medieval tombs which were

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