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  • Rutas desde Bañobárez

MTB Centre of Bañobárez

The MTB Centre in Bañobárez is the starting point of 6 circular paths, which are more than 140 km long all together; they are properly signaled and connect Bañobárez with the villages of Fuenteliante and Olmedo de Camaces, in these two villages the cyclists will find two Interpretation and Relaxing Centres where they will be able to rest and get tourist information about each municipality..

Besides, the different paths classified according to the level of difficulty, lead the visitor to most interesting tourist places of the area, most of which offer interpretative signals

These routes offer a net of paths of middle difficulty, with not very challenging ground and no steep paths. They are for easy-going cyclists who can enjoy the amazing views of the meadows; the cyclists do not need to be highly experienced in the mountain bike technique.

It is a must to visit the area of Bañobarez, which is a villaje surrounded by plain meadows, crossed by thick river Banks; there is also a church, San Pedro, which houses one of the most important altarpieces of the Castilian Renaissance.

The path also crosses the village of Olmedo de Camaces, which has an amazing church and great landscape and natural interest. Here we can find the Laguna de la Cervera, the place where the river Camaces is born and the wet land classified by the Junta de Castilla y León; and the 825 metres high hill known as El Sierro, situated is a highlighted place from where you can enjoy the meadow landscapes full of holm oaks, oaks, elm trees, heathers and hundred-year-old chestnut trees

In these circular cycling routes, it is a must to visit Fuenteliante to enjoy some archaeological remains, such as dolmens, Neolithic sites and remains of a Roman villa, etc. Besides, you can enjoy the meadow landscape full of pastures, oaks and holm oaks, where the “morucha” cows usually graze; this is a native beef breed from the province of Salamanca.

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