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  • Castillo de Monleón
    Monleón Castle

Monleón Castle

The amazing Tower keep stands out over the houses of the village. It is 37 meters high and is located in one of the ends of the village, being the beginning of the medieval wall.

It was the witness of feudal power at that time, and its main relevance in the 15th century, when it played the most important role of some dramatic events. 

Fernando el Catolico threatened to quarter the owner of the Castle, who was imprisoned, before his wife´s eyes and finally he wife gave up.

The fortress floor plan is irregular and it is supported on two parts of the wall; there is a big entrance semicircular arched door, protected by two round turrets with arrow-holes. 

The most relevant building of the site is the Tower Keep, decorated at the top with eight projecting lookout posts. It is made of granite and distributed in five floors, which show some changes from later periods. Nowadays it is a private building. 

Note: only outside visit.

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