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  • Rock wine-presses route
    Rock wine-presses route

Rock wine-presses route

The wine-making tradition in San Esteban de la Sierra is reflected in the Route of the Rock Wine-presses, a circular 13 km long route. You can make it in five or six hours if you walk peacefully enjoyng the different resources.

It is a medium level difficulty route especially designed for familes. It shows beautiful landscapes of the Sierras de Francia and Béjar and the areas of the north of Extremadura. You can also admire the traces of the human being in the wine-presses, terraces and crops, threshing floors, farmyards, fountains, puddles, etc.

The most important places in this route are the rock wine-presses. People used to dig the granite rocks in order to form caves in the past; then, they used them for the wine-making process. There are one container wine-presses as well as two containers ones and you can visit them. The most frequent wine-presses are those ones carved with two containers. They used to step on the grapes in the bigger container and sometimes they also pressed the grapes there. Then, the big container is connected with the smaller one by means of a hole. They used to collect the grape juice in the small container, called “pilon”.

The “Ruta de los Lagares Rupestres” (Rock wine-presses route) leads to the Bodega Cooperativa de San Esteban, going along the Guijarral path and through Bajenoso, Valmedroso, Las Huertitas, Majallana, Muñiquero, Los Pajares, La Jara, Bardal, Majahonda…; around 12 kilometres full of high visual, artistic and training interest; an area which makes you feel pleasant emotions

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