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  • The route of the lookouts of the Sierras
    The route of the lookouts of the Sierras

The route of the lookouts of the Sierras

The circular route of the lookouts of the Sierras runs through 5 kilometres between Santibáñez de la Sierra and San Esteban de la Sierra. It is an easy route especially designed for families.

It goes along three very different settings. First of all, it crosses crop areas, such as vegetable gardens vineyards and olive trees and cherry trees.

The second stretch of the route is a thick forest, full of all kinds of trees and native fauna, such as foxes, wild boars, roe deer or wildcats. 

Finally, there is an open area which is a natural lookout that offers amazing views over the narrowed river Alagon. From this place we can see the big birds and enjoy overwhelming views of the natural setting of Las Quilamas and the Sierras de Franci and Bejar, both of them declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

Santibáñez de la Sierra as well as San Esteban is located among some amazing settings in the South-east of Salamanca. The light, aroma, landscapes, the mountain horizon, the natural richness and the night stars are only some of the amazing things to be enjoyed around this area.

They are also the ideal places to enjoy the Protected Certificate of Origin “Sierra de Salamanca”.

Camino de los miradores de las Sierras

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