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  • Chickpea from Pedrosillo: the perfect chickpea
    Chickpea from Pedrosillo: the perfect chickpea

Chickpea from Pedrosillo: the perfect chickpea

The fame of the chickpea from Pedrosillo gets that far that in the rest of Spain other types of small chickpeas are also named pedrosillano chickpeas. They come from the municipality of Pedrosillo el Ralo, in the region of La Armuña, though they are also cultivated in the bordering villages.

These small almost perfect spheres with a yellowish-orangey colour and with a short but very prominent beak, show a very smooth surface and no roughness at all. Fine and battery to the palate, present an almost unnoticeable skin and are extremely elegant and tasty. To reach such level and to regularly guarantee a first quality product, in 2001 was approved the Certification Mark “Garbanzo de Pedrosillo”.

As well as La Armuña lentil, these chickpea is not sold in bulk. It is always packaged, with the characteristic logo and the numbered label of the Control Board that guarantees the origin, quality and commitment with a region devoted to production.

The Spanish gastronomy will not be the same without cocido (broth with vegetables, chickpeas and meat), lenten pottages or chickpeas with cuttlefish. And Salamanca is lucky because it has the optimal condition to produce chickpeas, a product that enhances these and other many recipes.

Nowadays, it is difficult not to find a chickpea stew in the province restaurant menus. Both in its more classical version as in a more modern trend, this pulse has become one of the great gastronomic treasures of the province of Salamanca.

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