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  • Ganadería Antonio Palla. Finca "Gusende Moscosa"
    Toro bravo y dehesaGanadería Antonio Palla. Finca “Gusende Moscosa”

Ganadería Antonio Palla. Finca “Gusende Moscosa”

The bulls bred by Antonio Palla (genetic recombination with Juan Pedro Domecq y Díez, and Jandilla), are harmoniously well-proportioned. This ganadería has 500 heads of cattle which coexist in the same hábitat as the Iberian pigs, which are also exploited by the farmer in “montanera” (when the pigs are bred freely in the meadow).

The finca is set in an amazing place, near the Historical site of the villa of Ledesma and the Natural Park of Las Arribes del Duero. This ganaderia is an interesting place for those visitors who want to finish their trip to the historical city of Salamanca with a visit to the quiet countryside in the province of Salamanca.

This Ganadería is highly experienced in this kind of visits and offers the visitors the opportunity to enjoy and seeing the beauty of the natural beauty of the setting, as well as get to know the typical features of this kind of bulls, their breeding and selection by their owner.

At the same time, they show the facilities which are typical of a fighting bull ganadería, such as the trial bullring, the corrales, chiqueros and the mueco, among others.

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