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  • "Rosquillas" of Ledesma

Gastronomy in Ledesma

The Rosquillas from Ledesma are the most important product of the gastronomy in this area, and their reputation has moved beyond the limits of the province.

They are home-made with eggs, lard, flour and sugar, and they are very small (a diameter of approximately two centimeters).

The “meneadas” smashed potatoes, “hornazo” (a kind of pie stuffed with pork meat, boiled eggs, …), pies, cold cuts, chickweed salads are the most tasteful starters. There are also other meals, such as the game meat, or other kinds of meat which come from farms in the area, such as morucha veal, kid, lamb, pork, free-range chicken and rabbit.

We can also point out some desserts, such as the very well-know rosquillas, although the “bollo maimon”, “perrunillas”, “tortas de chicharrones”, “mantecados” and cheese are delicious desserts as well.

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