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Cathedral Diocesan Museum

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The richest and most complete museum in Ciudad Rodrigo is located in a stunning setting: the Cathedral. It has been recently created and it houses important archeological collections, among which we can point out some prehistoric relics found in the area, some vestiges of its Romanesque past (including some numismatic and funerary items) and some architectural remains from the different building stages of the Cathedral.

The Reception Centre for Visitors of the Veton Territory

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The Reception Centre for Visitors of the Veton Territory is located in Lumbrales

It is a Modernist Portuguese-colonial style building, which was built between 1875 and 1877 to honour Princess Isabel, Alfonso XIII´s daughter, on the occasion of the Duero railway opening.

Getting inside this house involves going in depth into the unique universe of the builder by admiring the rooms, the forge or plaster items, where you can still hear the echo and efforts of this dreamer businessman.

Museum of Yecla La Vieja

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In the village we can visit the Settlement Museum of Yecla La Vieja where you can make a trip to the past. The Veton material and spiritual culture is studied an analyzed in the tutorial room with several audiovisual and exhibition resources, including archaeological items such as ceramic objects, guns, decoration items and a zoomorph sculpture typical of this culture, the “verraco”. There is also an exhibition of human heads sculpted on stone and vestiges of the following Roman occupation, with an interesting collection of funerary steles.

“Angel Mateos” Concrete Museum

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Is this a building or a sculpture?. The first thing that calls our attention about this museum is the strong appearance of the building. They are concrete blocks which are joined together to house the works of art by a great sculptor. Angel Mateos has been an avant-garde artist, one of the most personal voices in the last third of the 20th century.

Marina Gomez Museum

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This small exhibition place gathers the works by Marina Gomez, a painter and sculptor who was born in Salamanca but lives in Madrid; the museum also shows works by other artists from Alaraz and the province of Salamanca.

It is a dynamic artistic centre, which organizes a consolidated painting contest for adults and children every year. Its activity is focused on the summer months.

Morille Art Cemetery

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The Art Museum in Morille was born in 2005 as a proposal of the artists Domingo Sanchez Blanco and the deceased Javier Utray.

The main objective of this original idea is to bury some valuable pieces from the artistic point of view; these items are directly related to the avant-garde art field. It is important to understand that the process of the burial is not less important than the burial itself.

Museum of the chamber pot

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In the heart of Ciudad Rodrigo, at the foot of the Cathedral tower, travellers shall find one of the most original museums in this country. More than 1,300 pieces make up this collection where visitors can find chamber pots and spittoons of all kinds, shapes and materials: clay, porcelain, stone or metal, either simple or profusely decorated. The exhibition includes models from 27 different countries, from the Middle Age to our days.

Museum of the Salamancan plains and countryside in Macotera

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The natural environment of the Salamancan countryside and prairies suggests a secular dialogue between nature and men. We are placed before a slowly modified landscape that is a remarkable example of environmental sustainability.

By means of different, simple and attractive audiovisual and didactic aids, this museum attempts to demonstrate such a dialogue, our ancestors' intuitive model of sustainability.

“Saturjuanela” House Museum

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The “Saturjuanela” House Museum in La Alberca is a private initiative which pretends to dignify the traditional way of life of the village, which was economically humble but rich in values and symbols.

It is one of the few traditional Albercan houses which has been preserved in its original state. Their owners have carefully preserved the domestic spaces in detail in each of the four floors: stables, barn, kitchen, larder, alcoves, rooms and finally the “sobrao” (attic), where the visitors can enjoy an interesting audiovisual.

Linen ethnographic museum in Peñaparda

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This museum extends over the process of linen production from flax cultivation to the moment skeins are brought to the loom.

By means of pictures, all stages of the process are displayed (land ploughing, sowing, harvest and bundling, softening in the river, hitting, pulling out of the capsule, spinning, carding, winding, etc.), as well as the tools used in all processes.