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  • “Angel Mateos” Concrete Museum
    “Angel Mateos” Concrete Museum

“Angel Mateos” Concrete Museum

Is this a building or a sculpture?. The first thing that calls our attention about this museum is the strong appearance of the building. They are concrete blocks which are joined together to house the works of art by a great sculptor. Angel Mateos has been an avant-garde artist, one of the most personal voices in the last third of the 20th century.

He chooses the abstraction as a way of communication and use the concrete as his emblematic material in order to clearly reclaim modernity. However, his work is inspired in the role of the human being in the nature and history. Many of his works of art refer to the first prehistoric monuments, such as the dolmen and menhir.

The private museum is a tribute to this artist as well as the reflections book of a great artist from Salamanca. Apart from the author´s works and drafts, the museum shows an audiovisual projection about the author and his works.

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