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  • Ganadería Torrealba. Finca “La Roblicita”
    Ganadería Torrealba. Finca “La Roblicita”

Ganadería Torrealba. Finca “La Roblicita”

La Roblicita is located in the area of Aldehuela de Yeltes, 65 km far from Salamanca, on the Banks of the river Yeltes, which is the heart of the Campo Charro. The typical holm oak forests breed the Iberian pigs. In this land, the cattle from the ganadería Torrealba also graze; this ganadería has its origin in the Domeçq one.

The Roblicita meadow, which can be reached through Aldehuela de Yeltes or Alba de Yeltes, offers wide facilities with a dining-room, museum, souvenirs shop and access for disabled people.

They have great experience in the tourist sector. They receive an aerage of 2.500 visitors every year. The tourists can enjoy the breeding, selection and way of life of the fighting bulls. They can also enjoy the acoso and derribo competitions, tentaderos and other cattle activities.

“La Roblicita” is located 15 km.far from the Peña de Francia, which a real lookout of the province of Salamanca; 2 km. far from the Laguna del Cristo; and 20 Km.far form the Historical site of Ciudad Rodrigo.

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