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  • Patron Saint's festivities of Alba de Tormes

Patron Saint's festivities of Alba de Tormes

From the 14th to the 22nd October, Alba de Tormes celebrates its fiestas in honour of their patron saint, Saint Teresa. During these days, the inhabitants of the town as well as the visitors tremble from emotion celebrating once again the beatification of Saint Teresa de Jesus, which took place in 1614.

The most significant event of these fiestas, declared of Regional Tourist Interest, is the procession that takes place on the 14th – when they take Saint Teresa out – and the 22nd, La Octava Day, when they take Saint Teresa back. One of the most important places is the Madres Square, which is always full of people and emotion when they see The Saint and her arm relic in the procession.

There are other events, such as the reading of the works by Saint Teresa, as well as open-air dances and the “fire bull”, that runs along the streets of the town; there is noise, firecrackers and happy people, visitors as well as the inhabitants of the villa.

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