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  • Guijuelo cured ham
    Guijuelo cured ham

Guijuelo cured ham

There are few feelings comparable to taste a slice of Guijuelo cured ham. Deep red or pale pink in colour, the lean meat shows a soft shiny greasy surface. Its intense smell and evolving taste make its tasting a real pleasure. 

The raw materials of this delicatessen are the Iberian pigs bred during acorn-feeding season in large dehesas (oak-park like forests) of the west of the country. The free-range farming and the careful feeding are the responsible for the characteristic smell and flavour of cured hams and pork shoulders.

At an altitude of more than 1,000 meters and oriented towards the mountain winds, Guijuelo and other close sites are specialized in the handmade elaboration and curing of the cured porks at drying sheds and cellars. In fact, more than 60% of Iberian pigs of the country are slaughtered (or sacrificed as locals say) in this region.

The Control Board of Protected Designation of Origin controls and guarantees the quality by technical services that assure that the minimum curing periods are fulfilled, as well as traceability and correct identification of the meat. The result is a cured ham rated as “Excellent” .

The Route of the Iberian Ham

The devotion to the curing process of these products joined a group of working partners specialized in Iberian cured ham to show the interesting whole history of various ham artisan generations. Hence, they created The Route of the Iberian Ham.

Such route includes the possibility of a guided visit to the Museum of Cold Cuts Industry, a visit to a factory guided by a Master Butcherand a didactic tasting of Iberian products.

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