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  • Castillo de Buen Amor
    Buen Amor Castle

Buen Amor Castle

The origin of this especial name does not disappoint the visitors. Although the legend this name is related to the love story between the Archbishop Don Alonso de Fonseca and his lover Doña Maria de Ulloa, it is believed that the person who promoted the building of this castle was one of his cousins, Don Alonso de Fonseca Quijada, bishop of Cuenca, Avila and Osma.

This last man turned an old 11th century fortification into a Gothic residential palace where he used to live with his lover Doña Teresa de las Cuevas and their four children. The building is the typical fortifications of the plain, and it is located in the village of Topas, near the village of Villanueva de Cañedo, which is near the province of Zamora. 

The castle has a big 15 meters wide defensive moat, which is also 8 meters deep; and a tower keep, situated in of the diagonal ends of the castle. There are three circular fortified towers in the other three corners. 

Built with genuine stones from Villamayor, on its walls we can see the Family Fonseca coat of arms. A patio distributes the inner part of the castle, with a beautiful gallery on three of its four sides. Nowadays, it houses a charming Royal Inn. 

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