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  • Centro de iniciativas ambientales Fundación Tormes E.B.
    Centro de iniciativas ambientales Fundación Tormes E.B.Centro de iniciativas ambientais Fundação Tormes E.B.

Tormes E.B. Foundation

The “Tormes E.B. Foundation, An environmental approach centre” is located very near Ledesma, in a village called Almenara de Tormes. This is the ideal place to get to know the natural surroundings of this area.

For all those one who love Nature, this is a 30 hectares ideal place which includes a dynamic Centre devoted to the Environmental Education. The Centre was born in 2001, with the aim of protecting the Environment and the traditions of the province. It has got several areas for training purposes: Landscapes of the river Tormes Museum, where this ecosystem is described in detail; a permanent photographic exhibition, “Feather and Emotions”, where the bird life fauna around the Tormes is shown; and finally, the exhibition “Tools from the past”, with a collection of farming tools and carts, which tries to pay attention to the relationship between the human being and the landscape.

They offer a full programme of activities for schoolchildren and a 48-roomed hostel to host full-board ecotourism.

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