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  • Ganadería Los Requiles. Finca “Pelilla”
    Ganadería Los Requiles. Finca “Pelilla”

Ganadería Los Requiles. Finca “Pelilla”

“Pelilla” is a 600 hectares meadow finca. The most part of the surface is covered by holm oaks with metamorphic rocks which offer unique shapes and landscapes. Owing to its location, beside the Almendra dam, and its morphology, this is an enclosure with a great fauna and flora biodiversity.

Nowadays it has extensive farming, where they combine the exploitation of the natural resources of the finca with the breeding of fighting bovine cattle, Iberian pigs and pure breed Spanish horses.and prívate big game hunting preserves where there are deer and wild boars.

We have to pint out the big house and other buildings which date back to 1928, such as the events hall and the forest ranger´s house. All these buildings form the typical architectonical structure of the old stately enclosures in the province of Salamanca.

The visitors will be able to enjoy the environment, the nature, the fighting bull breeding, the gastronomy of the area, etc., so they can enjoy everything with their five senses.

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