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  • Plenty of festivals
     Plenty of festivals

Plenty of festivals

Summer is also the season with the most popular festivals. Most of the villages of the province celebrate these months festivals in honour of their patron saints. Some of the most famous ones, due to their importance and uniqueness, are the Boda Típica de Candelario; the Ofertorio and La Loa de La Alberca, declared of National Tourist Interest, and the Ofertorio a Nuestra Señora de Mogarraz, an unique occasion to admire the rich traditional “Sierra” costumes and jewellery, which, just for a few days, “abandon” the shelter of chests and trunks.

In August, also, you can enjoy a traditional gastronomy experience: The Día del Calderillo in Béjar. It is a contest organised by the Local Council where the best “calderillo” is chosen; the “calderillo” is a simple popular stew, typical of the region. Among its main ingredients, we can mention beef, potatoes and vegetables; everything slow cooked and, basically, with the touch of experience.

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