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    Cañones y presas

Canyons and dams

In the north-west corner, the river Duero and its tributaries have carved an amazing chain of canyons, over which some spectacular dams and hydroelectric dams have been built.

The first one, called Almendra, collects the waters from the river Tormes just before joining its “father” Duero. It is a real inland sea with more than 2.600 hm3 of capacity and it is the highest one with a height of 200 metres to the top of the dam.

A fascinating tunnel, which was carved in a rock of 7 metres width and 15 kilometres long, carries the water from the dam to the underground hydroelectric plant of Villarino de los Aires; it is a complex piece of engineering which allows the turbines to turn back and give the water back to the main reservoir

Aldeadávila de la Ribera is another huge dam, built over the river Duero; it has been used as a film set. The last dam is located in Saucelle. The dams of Santa Teresa, Agueda, Irueña and the diversion dam of Villagonzalo are also examples of this industrial architecture.

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