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  • Rutas desde Barruecopardo

MTB Centre of Barruecopardo

Around 220 kilometres of signaled paths which belong to the MTB Centre from Barruecopardo connect all the villages included in it: Barruecopardo, El Milano, Cabeza del Caballo, Villasbuenas and Saldeana; these paths allow us to discover the landscape and traditional architecture typical of this area located between the Region of Vitigudino and Las Arribes del Duero.

Seven routes are properly signposted, two of them have a low level of difficulty, two of them have a medium level of difficulty and finally three of them have a high level of difficulty.

The village of Barruecopardo is said to be the entrance to the Natural Park of Las Arribes del Duero, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Barruecopardo has great cultural historic heritage: the remains of the castle, with rocks connected by passages and caves. Some churches and some remains that seem to be an old Roman village with a cemetery and steles, sarcophagus and tombstones, complete the interesting places of the village.

If you follow these routes, you will also cross Cabeza del Caballo, a village full of rivers with banks of fish; one kind of fish we can find here is the tench.

It is worth crossing the Robleo Bridge, which crosses the wide river Uces, between the villages of Cabeza del Caballo and Zarza de Pumareda. This is a bridge made of stone and granite, with blocks removed from the same rock where they are settled. These blocks are properly joined together and placed, in such a way that we cannot see any mortar. The only junction that can be seen is the contact of the stone surface itself, forming in this way an impressive whole, which amazes anyone who looks at it, due to its toughness, vigour and strength.   

Further on, the river Uces offers us amazing views, in the well-known Pozo de los Humos, a unique place which the visitor should not miss. In this place, the waters fall down in a 50 metres high waterfall.

The restored Molino de Lucas, the Molino de David and the Stone bridge are also places that are worth a visit.

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