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Tierras de Peñaranda y Alba

Tierras de Peñaranda y Alba

Gastronomy - Tierras de Peñaranda y Alba

Iberian products of Salamanca. Certified quality

Iberian products of Salamanca mean quality. This Certification Mark, recognised in 2005, offers selected Iberian products of Salamanca, in particular steaks, chorizos, salchichones, cured hams and pork shoulders.

Conventual Pastry and Honey. Sweet temptations

This travel trough Salamanca can't finish without tasting any of the numerous recipes of the delicious conventual pastry.

Gastronomy in Alba de Tormes

If you visit Alba de Tormes, you will have the opportunity of trying some of its traditional meals, such as “chanfaina”, the garrapiñadas almonds and the Saint Teresa sweet yolks.