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Sierra de Francia

Sierra de Francia

Our Villages - Sierra de Francia


The village of Mogarraz stands out in the middle of thick oak forests. It is one of the places in the Sierra de Francia that has been able to preserve its traditions.

San Martín del Castañar

The name of the village makes reference to the times of the Gascon repopulation which took place in the Sierra de Francia in medieval times. Some names, place names and dedications still prevail from those times.

Miranda del Castañar

Miranda del Castañar, declared Historical Site, stands out over a stony hill, in the middle of the Sierra de Francia. Strong walls surround the village; these walls contain some Tower keeps and the Bell Tower, which is near the Parish church.

La Alberca

La Alberca is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the Sierra de Francia and the fist village in Spain which was declared Historical Site in 1940.


Sequeros, declared Historical Site, is worth a visit, because if you go there you will be able to go to the Cross lookout and contemplate the beauty of the Sierra de Bejar and Candelario.

Villanueva del Conde

In the middle of the Sierra de Francia, on a slope which faces the midday, the village of Villanueva del Conde stands out, and it is also anoher village declared a Historical site.