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  • El Camino del Agua
    El Camino del Agua

El Camino del Agua

In the Natural Park of Las Batuecas – Sierra de Francia we can also find the Camino del Agua (The Water Path)
The water was always there and the path was been formed by itselt as time went by. And, six sculptures, which are alreday part of the landscape, have enriched the landscape.

There are some works of art which are integrated harmoniously in the environment in such a way that we do not know if cultura is before the landscape or the opposite.

The Camino del Agua starts in Mogarraz, which is a village declared Historical Site in 1998. This village offers amazing examples of the traditional archtecture typical of the Sierra de Francia (Biosphere Reserve).

It is also possible to enjoy the filigree work and the leather craftsmanship of the area. There are also tasty dishes and nice products such as wine, cherries and the  Iberian pork.

The path goes past La Aberca and arrives in Monforte de la Sierra, a village built over a hill that offers breathtaking views of the valleys of the rivers Milano and Arromilano; you can get up to the Viborero lookout.

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