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Bullfighting Museum, Béjar

Author: manuel / Date: Tue, 23/10/2018 - 12:23 / Tags:

In the setting of "El Castañar" only 2 km far from Béjar and closet o the Sanctuary o El Castañar, we can visit the oldest bullring in Spain, known as "La ancianita". In the main building, there is a box seat, the ticket offices, the health services and this museum.

In this museum we can see a great variety of ítems and tolos related to the Fiesta and the bulls. We can find different objects related to bull fighters who have been in this bull ring, such as Isidoro Pamo "el Salamanquinito” (from Bejar). 

Bicycle routes through the Sierra de Béjar

Author: manuel / Date: Wed, 24/10/2018 - 14:48 / Tags:

The Sierra de Béjar, declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is also a good place to make a route by bicycle, especially for advanced cyclists and those ones who want to enjoy the amazing mountain views. These are some of the routes:

Going up to La Covatilla Ski Resort

This route means going up to the ski pistes of La Covatilla, starting in Béjar, going through Los Pinos, Palomares, La Hoya, etc. The route is 35 Km long and the slope is almost 1.000m high. Middle physical level of difficulty. This route offers a Road Book.

Jewish Museum David Melul

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An engineer from Melilla, David Melul, who was in love with the Town of Bejar, was the first benefactor and cultural promoter of this museum which tries to pay tribute to the Spanish Jews, called Sephardi Jews.