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  • "Ramos Andrade" ethnographic museum in Navasfrías
    "Ramos Andrade" ethnographic museum in Navasfrías

"Ramos Andrade" ethnographic museum in Navasfrías

Between Portugal and Extremadura, Navasfrías is the most open window in El Rebollar region. Its ethnographic museum reflects the relations between the Extremaduran and the Portuguese, as well as the daily life of our closest ancestors.

This museum holds more than 600 objects of all facets of traditional life. Mr Manuel Ramos Andrade, son and benefactor of Navasfrías, fostered the need of gathering said heritage amongst the villagers.

The tour starts with old woodwork and farming tools. The protagonist here is the Roman plough, together with the yokes and the wheel. Further away, a sharpening stone can be found, followed by the bellows of a forge. Then comes the section devoted to livestock, which shows leather pigsties, horn pots and bells, along with objects used in cheese manufacturing.

The tour continues with the exhibition of a number of clay, glass and tinplate pots and containers which depict daily life, as well as steelyard balances, packsaddles, furniture, locks, baskets, lamps and oil lamps. Finally, there are two major threshing boards and several minerals of Sierra de Gata mountains.

This museum, in short, by means of the daily objects displayed, offers visitors the possibility to feel the spirit of the people who lived in these oak tree landscapes.

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