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  • Outros Centros de Interpretação de interesse arqueológico
    Outros Centros de Interpretação de interesse arqueológico

Other Interpretation Centres of Archaeological Interest

Salamanca has some of the most important Paleolithic sites in the Iberian Peninsula, from the Paleolithic period to the Roman times. These are treasures shown in the museums and interpretation centres of the province

“Padre Belda”Archaeological Museum in Alba de Tormes

On the outskirts of Alba de Tormes, 5 minutes far from the villa, there is one of the best private collections of the region; the collection has more than 5.000 thousand fossils, minerals, archeological items and cultural objects from all over the world. It is the result of priest Belda´s efforts, who was a famous humanist and archaeologist and founded this museum in 1982.

There are some prehistoric items and vestiges of the Roman civilization, but you can also see magnificent medieval items and cultural exotic objects from the five continents.

The museum is located in the restores ruins of San Jeronimo convent, where some members of the Ducal Alba Family were buried for many centuries.

Address: Carretera de Galinduste, s/n
Village: Alba de Tormes
Postal Code: 37800
Phone: 923 300 135 (museum) – 923 370 646 (Tourist Office)

“Casa de los Frailes” Museum  in Vilvestre

The “Casa de los Frailes” Museum shows a permanent collection called The Prehistoric period in Las Arribes. Professor Luis Benito del Rey has gathered this highly valuable historical and archaeological items. Most of the items belong to the Prehistoric Period, from the Paleolithic age to the Calcolite age, although there is also some Roman and Visigothic material.

This collection has been increased with new information panels and audiovisual resources, which tell us about information about Las Arribes and its natural and tourist resources.

It is a multipurpose building located in the centre of the village, accessible for disable people.

Address: Castillo, 4
Village: Vilvestre
Post code: 37258
Phone.:923 508 903

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